Dwarf Umbrella Tree (Large) – (Schefflera arboricola)


Another one that will grow into a small tree if grown outside in tropical regions, this plant is sturdy and can either grow tall or be kept compact by pinching out the growing tips. It does use aerial roots to attach itself to decor – cork bark allows it to grip incredibly well – and if it looks to be getting too leggy, then cut the top off and stick it in a vase of water. Within a few weeks new root growth will have occurred, and the rooted crown can be planted back into the terrarium.


Variegated versions like brighter light and slightly higher temperatures than the all green version, and both will not tolerate having their roots permanently wet. Keeping humidity up will also deter the more common pests that are found on this species when it’s used as a houseplant – red spider mite and scale insect.


This is one of those plants that if it likes your setup will be tough and beautiful for years, but can be awkward if conditions are not to its liking.

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This bushy shrub can grow quite large, but is ideal for use in arboreal terrariums for species such as Chameleons.

PPL259L schefflera large

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