Devils Ivy (12cm pot) – (Epipremnum aureum)


A plant with many common names, you will see this plant listed as Devil’s Ivy, Pothos, Epipremnum or Scindapsis. There are several different individual species often offered for sale, but all will do very well in a bioactive setting. They are a perennial tropical climber that relies heavily on aerial roots which will attach firmly to most surfaces, and are a recommended houseplant for air purification. They are available in several different leaf colours including variegated and golden, and mature plants produce large, oval shaped leaves that are sturdy enough for all but the largest reptiles to stand on. 


This plant is very easy to propagate from cuttings, and grows very well in the vivarium. It can either be planted in the base substrate and allowed to twine up the decor, or can be grown as an epiphyte with the roots tucked into a pocket of moss and soil in a hollow section of log. Don’t be afraid to cut it back – hard, if necessary – because this plant can grow very large and take over the vivarium. Pop the cuttings into a container of water, and they will root without any further intervention. 


Ideal for chameleon, tropical gecko and water dragon enclosures but if you are going to plant it straight in to the substrate it’s worth letting it get established first; however, as long as it is secured against the decor this plant is tough enough to use as soon as you get it home.

We use this plant a lot in bioactive setups, as it’s so adaptable to just about any condition and as tough as old boots!

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Devils Ivy will grow in a wide range of light and moisture conditions, but will not tolerate permanent dry conditions though. Without a doubt it does best in a moist, humid terrarium with good light. Under these conditions it can become a bit of a monster producing large leaves and overtaking a terrarium. However, the advantage of this plant, and particularly under ideal conditions, is that it can be pruned back hard and it will come back just as vigorous as before. It can be pruned back to within a few leaf nodes of the soil, or the vine trimmed back to the required position. If the main vine is left in place and just trimmed back to the same length all the time then it will get thicker and thicker creating a fantastic jungle effect.

PPL214 – epipremnum aureum

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