Exo Terra Turtle Grass


  • Highly realistic replica
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can be used in dry or humid setups
  • Provides a natural look where live plants would not survive
  • Create natural hiding places for your pet
  • Brightens up any enclosure
  • Strong architectural shape
  • Great for filling in gaps in décor

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Not all terrarium conditions allow live plants to grow or thrive. Some areas are too hot or too dry for live plants whereas others might require different light requirements, or simply can be eaten by the reptiles.

Exo Terra’s artificial plants are exact copies of their natural counterparts and are easier to clean and maintain. A combination of live plants and the Exo Terra’s artificial plants allows you to fully plant a terrarium. Along with other plants in the range, Turtle Grass has a weighted resin base to ensure stability.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 39 × 6 × 7 cm


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