Pete's Products

We are all reptile keepers here at Evolution Reptiles, and sometimes we can’t find the products we want. So if the item isn’t there, we provide it ourselves!


Fresh tortoise food can be hard to source. Fresh tortoise food that is good for your pet is even harder. With this in mind, Pete created a range of fresh herbivore foods that are grown and harvested with your pet in mind. Fresh from the grower’s Oxfordshire farm, Pete’s range of fresh salads are suitable for tortoises, bearded dragons, uromastyx – in fact any herbivorous or omnivorous lizard! Great as snacks for pet rabbits, guinea pigs and other small mammals.


Bioactive systems are great for you and your pet, so we also supply terrarium fleece and mesh for your drainage layer, and dried leaf litter for your clean up crew.


If you would like any further information on the Pete’s range of products, feel free to contact us in store. We’re happy to help!