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Discover Evolution Reptiles’ extensive selection of live reptile food, specifically curated to provide your reptilian companions with a nutritious and irresistible diet. We offers a wide range of live worms suitable for various reptile species, making it effortless to provide your pets with a diet that mirrors their natural feeding habits.

Calci-worms are a very nutritious food and we use them in store as part of the varied diet for our baby bearded dragons and leopard geckos. They also turn to Soldier Flies which are also a great food source, particularly for smaller arboreal geckos and mantis.

Wax Worms are a great treat for bearded dragons and leopard gecko.  They are very fatty so use just as an occasional treat!

Buffalo Worms are like tiny mealworms and a good to use for small species of gecko and tarantulas.

Giant Lob Worms and small worms are a favourite of Axolotls and are great for many other species of reptile and amphibian. The soft bodies make they easy to digest.

Feeding live worms can also serve as enrichment for your reptiles. Watching them engage in their natural hunting behaviour can be both entertaining and mentally stimulating for your pets.

Make the choice to nourish your reptiles with the best in live reptile food. At Evolution Reptiles, we take pride in providing a diverse and dependable selection of live worms to help you meet your reptiles’ dietary needs.