Peregrine Blist.Pk Artemia/Brine Shrimp100g


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These convenient packs of aquatic food are suitable for a range of reptiles and amphibian species including Turtles and Terrapins, Axolotls, Salamanders, Newts, Frogs and Toads as well as a wide variety of ornamental fish species. They can be stored in the freezer and individual cubes can be popped out for use without using the whole pack. There are 30 cubes per 100g pack. All of the selection are natural foods and ecologically and sustainably sourced, fortified with extra vitamins, then flash frozen for ultimate freshness and nutritional quality.


We understand the importance of frozen foods arriving frozen so we use special cardboard boxes (better for the environment than polystyrene), insulating paper wrapping, dry ice* (colder than -78.5ºc!*) and a speedy reliable courier to ensure that your frozen snake foods arrive frozen and in great condition.


By the time you receive the goods the dry ice will have dissipated to the point where there will just be packaging in the box. To be disposed of as per the instruction on the packet. You should be aware that dry ice has been used but as we send in non-airtight boxes your exposure risk to the dry ice is incredibly minimal.


Read our snake feeding guide that we use to help train our reptile care team. It covers

  • How to choose the appropriate food
  • Size of food to use
  • How to defrost
  • How to offer the food to the snake.

Snake Feeding Guide 


Our frozen foods are guaranteed to arrive frozen – or your money back!**


*Dry Ice guide is included

** We must be informed of any issues within 24 hours of arrival. Photographic evidence may be required.

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