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Snakes in the Studio!

Earlier this week I was listening to JackFM while working and was laughing away to myself, then thought wouldn’t it be fun to take some snakes into the studio! So I wrote a quick email and was pleased to get an answer very quickly simply saying “Hi Pete, Trev (presenter) is terrified but says yes!”
So it was arranged to go in this morning, I packed up 2 Womas and 3 Corn Snakes and made my way to Oxford.
As it happens Jack Fm has a sister station called Oxford’s FM107.9 which operates from the studio next door, they were also keen to see the snakes!
I started with an interview with Rosie and Sophie on FM107.9.They are great fun and were very interested in the snakes. Rosie was very keen to do a “Britney pose” with my female Woma!

Next I moved to Jack FM and true to his word Trev was terrified of the little tiny corn snakes that came out first.

Sue and Greg were very comfortable and interested in the snakes. After a bit of persuasion Trev did manage to hold a corn snake. The bid woma went down well too. She was very well behaved and interested in all the equipment, trying to get a close look at it all!

It was a really good morning, but soon over. I hope I can do it again soon.

Thanks guys

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