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Favorite place to see wild reptiles

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Favorite place to see wild reptiles

I am often asked where the best place I have been to see reptiles in the wild;
This is easy to answer Australia, more precisely Darwin and the Northern Territories.

In Darwin town centre you can see Striped Water Dragons (Lophognathus temporalis) dancing around the trees and at night look out for geckos hunting insects around lights.
If you take a trip out to one of town and into the bush you may see a Frilled Dragon (Frilled Necked Lizard as they are called in Oz) hanging of the side of a tree!
Take a boat trip to see Salt Water Crocodiles in their natural habitat, these are huge and don’t be tempted to take a swim with them! Also check out the rivers at night with a torch to look for the crocs glowing eyes, it is a very impressive sight, one I will never forget.
The best place for snakes is Fogg Dam; I know what you are thinking.
Why go to a reservoir to look for snakes?
Drive along the dam at night and you will see what I mean, I spent maybe an hour there and saw over 50 Water Pythons!
Some were over 2.5m long!
That is not all Fogg Dam has to offer, there are loads of crocs. Shine your torch around and you will see what I mean!

This is just a snap shot of the reptiles that are there, I would love to go back to Darwin and have another look and maybe spend a bit less time in the bars, I am too old for that now!