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How much does it cost to run my vivarium?

Electric meter

How much does it cost to run my vivarium?

We are all becoming more aware of energy costs as the price continues to rise.

So how much does it cost to run my vivarium?

Well that depends, what sort of heaters and lights are you using and what wattage are they?

  • Do you have a thermostat?  
  • How many hours are the lights on per day? 

If you are using a 100W basking light and a 39W UVB Light for 12 hours a day it is fairly straightforward to workout the energy cost using this calculator.

You will need to know how much you pay per kWh.

If you are using a thermostat this can be harder to work out as the heater will be off or at a reduced power for some time each day.  A good quality thermostat can help provide the environment your animal needs and reduce the energy consumption of your vivarium.

Here are a few tips that may help you reduce the costs of running your vivarium/terrarium. 

Environment – Understand the temperatures and lighting requirements for your animals.

Thermostats – There turn the heaters off or reduce the power usage when the set temperature has been reached

Thermometer – Check your temperatures. If your animal requires a basking area of 32c but you are getting 35c this is using more energy than necessary – Adjust your thermostat!

UVB Light – Make sure that you are replacing your UVB light as required – most tubes need replacing after 12 months use. If your light is older than this it may be using electricity but not providing the UVB your animal requires, this can lead to health issues and vet bills.

Feeding – Are you overfeeding? This is very common, if you are concerned please call our team.

Vivarium placement – If your vivarium is on the floor or in a cold and drafty room your heaters will have to use more energy to warm your animal.  If your vivarium is directly on the floor raising this up by 10cm will make a huge difference.


If you need help reducing the cost of caring for your animal please get in touch.

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