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Buying a pet this Christmas?

Buying a new pet at Christmas

Are you thinking of buying a new pet for Christmas, for yourself or a family member? 


As you know new pets of any kind make terrible surprise Christmas presents, but Christmas is often a  good reason to spend the money and make a commitment, especially if it’s something you have been planning for some time. Read our Pets as Presents article 


If you plan to buy someone a pet, now is the time to start discussing it – with us, your family and the person you are buying it for. Most of our animals have long lives – in the case of bearded dragons this could be 15 or more years. Read more 

If you do decide that you are willing to make the commitment a new pet needs, the last day for collecting an animal before Christmas is the 19th December – to go into their already set up vivarium/terrarium. Please visit our shop to discuss which species is best for you and to reserve your new pet in advance (it is best to be prepared!). Our normal standards for housing need to be met – we all want the animal to thrive and be kept to a good welfare standard. 


The last day for animal collection will be Sunday the 19th, and will begin again on Tuesday the 28th – again, only if the person receiving the animal knows that they are getting it.


Animal welfare is our business – so let’s get organised. Remember:


  • No surprise gifts
  • Appropriate housing, heating and lighting are still necessary
  • The housing needs to be set up for at least 24 hours, to allow for temperature adjustment
  • It’s a chaotic time of year, so allow yourself the time to understand your new pet and what they need
  • We’re here to help! Talk to us if you are at all unsure – 01865 372200
  • No animal sales after the 19th December 2021
  • We will refuse sales if they do not meet our welfare standards. 


We currently have plenty of vivariums, heaterslights etc in store, but this year there may be shortages of certain products. So please come and buy your vivarium setup now to avoid disappointment. 


Christmas is coming, and it’s worth being organised!

Click here for our opening times 


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