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Why I Love Uromastyx

Uromastyx are great lizards that have very interesting personalities. They are cheeky, bold, colourful and when warmed up they are very busy bee’s. They have individual characters and can be extremely friendly to quite shy, but once you have gained their trust and made friends with them they are a lovely lizard to interact with. I have two Ornate Uromastyx at home and they each have their own favorite foods to their own favorite rocks and logs but both adore being out in the natural sun. They also love to be hand fed dandelion flowers (I only spoil them slightly!). Uromastyx are one of the most colourful lizards and in my opinion one of the most beautiful with their round heads, large tummies and spiky tails, it gives them a very distinctive look and makes them stand out amongst other lizards. They make a great pets and are amazing animals to keep. Read our care sheet

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