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Tortoise Feeding Notes

Tortoise Feeding Notes

Tortoise feeding is a very complicated subject, but a very important one. Here are a few guide written by our friends at The Tortoise Table.

The following information sheets are published here courtesy of The Tortoise Table, which aims to provide authoritative information on tortoise diet and care through their website (which includes an extensive database of plants), as well as their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Tortoise Feeding Talk – May 2016

Nina from The Tortoise Table joined us to do 3 talks on tortoise feeding and gave a few tips on growing your own tortoise food.

Nina is very knowledgeable and we always learn a lot form talking to her.

Please scroll down to see the comments from a few of the tortoise keepers who attended the talk.

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Comments (6)

  • Tina Wade / 31st May 2016 /

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the talk given by Nina from the The tortoise table. It was very informative and my tort can now enjoy a more varied died as I have now learnt there are more plants and weeds he can eat. I am looking forward to the talk about hibernation later in the year. Thank you Nina and thank you Pete and the team for making us feel welcome.

    • (Author) Pete Milligan / 31st May 2016 /

      Hi Tina, thank you for coming. I am pleased you enjoyed it. I look forwards to seeing you at the hibernation talk.

  • Vivien / 31st May 2016 /

    Nina’s talk on Tortoise Feeding was brilliantly informative. We have had 2 Horsefield Tortoises for 10 years and feeding has always been complicated. Nina has given me loads more top tips and some desperately needed confidence with changing their diets. Thank you for giving your time Nina and Pete for the use of your shop for the venue.

    • (Author) Pete Milligan / 1st June 2016 /

      Hi Vivien, I am very pleased you found the talk useful, I will pass your comments on to Nina. Thanks You. Pete

  • Sam / 1st June 2016 /

    Really enjoyed the talk and found it a useful catalyst for me to read around the subject of diet for tortoises as I am lacking knowledge in that area. Found Nina to be wonderfully helpful and supportive when answering questions.

  • Jan Robinson / 1st June 2016 /

    Thanks for the invite to the talk on Monday – I learnt lots of useful info regarding what to feed my tortoise it was also interesting to talk to other tortoise owners. It isn’t like owning a dog where you meet other owners out for a walk!!

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