Lucky Reptile Bright Sun ULTRA Desert 150W


  • Metal halide bulb
  • Heat, light and UV all in one bulb
  • UVA and UVB
  • Bright colour spectrum especially designed for desert species
  • High performance, high output bulb
  • Ballast required
  • Cannot be used with a thermostat
  • Best used above the mesh of a large desert terrarium, or inside a very large vivarium only

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The Bright Sun ULTRA is an ultra high performance lamp which was developed for use in large terrariums.

It is necessary to keep a minimum distance of 50 cm to the vivarium inhabitant. At this distance temperatures of over 50ºC can be achieved.

With its excellent UVA, UVB, heat and visible light output the lamp offers perfect conditions for desert reptiles. The UV radiation has an effective range of 120 cm.

Thanks to the special reflector the terrarium is widely illuminated.

Ballast necessary, cannot be used with a thermostat.

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