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Whites Tree Frogs – Litoria caerulea


Originating in southern hemisphere countries such as Indonesia, Australia and New Guinea, the Whites Tree Frog is a popular amphibian to keep as a household due to its size and low-maintenance care.

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Whites Tree Frogs are fun animals because of their sleepy expressions and tired-looking smiles. Their size makes them ideal for first-time pet owners and their require little maintenance.


Despite their petite size, they do require large vivariums filled with decorations as they like to climb. Ensure that the also have hiding places as privacy is important to them. They are able to live with others within the enclosure but be sure to put them in with other amphibians of similar size.

Dietary needs

Typically, we recommend feeding crickets to Whites Tree Frogs, however, they can be fed earthworms, beetles or cockroaches. Insects can be left in the enclosure for the frog to pick up when they need to. Be careful on portion sizes as they tend to get obese very easily. Smaller frogs should be fed small or very young crickets every 2 or 3 days, whereas, larger frogs can be fed larger crickets.


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