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Western Hognose – Grown on – Heterodon nasicus


These charming little snakes are becoming more popular, in part down to their size, ease of care, and ever growing number of available pattern and colour morphs.

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The Western hognose is a harmless, stout bodied, small colubrid from North America, found throughout the Great Plains states from Canada to Mexico. There is some debate as to whether they are mildly venomous or nonvenomous with toxic saliva; whatever the case, they are not at all dangerous.

Females are considerably larger than males, growing up to 90cm (3′), although 60cm (2′) is more common. Males average half of this! They are mainly diurnal in the wild, and eat a varied diet comprising mainly of amphibians and lizards, with the occasional rodent for variety. In captivity they are happy to eat defrost rodents, although sometimes hatchlings do require strips of fish to get them started. It is then a fairly simple task to transfer them to rodent prey.


Wooden vivariums are ideal for Hognose snakes as they are better insulated. They offer the snake more privacy and are designed to reduce the risk of escapees! We recommend a 24-inch viviarium for hatchlings then upgrading to a 36-inch vivarium for snakes that turn a year old.


Hognose snakes do require a relatively high level of commitment in terms of maintenance. Waste should be removed as soon as possible and water blows should be disinfected and rinsed thoroughly on a weekly basis. We recommend changing the substrate on a monthly basis, as well as completely disinfecting the housing and decor with reptile-safe disinfectant.


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