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Ultramel Corn Snake – Pantherophis guttatus guttatus


Corn snakes are undoubtedly one of the most popular household pets. This is because of their low maintenance requirements, their reluctance to bite and attractive skin patterns.

The Ultramel corn snake is especially unique due to its two co-dominant genes (Ultra and Amel).

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Corn snakes can be found throughout North America, mainly in Central and Southeastern United States. Ultramel corn snakes are unique due to their two co-dominant genes, Ultra and Amel.


We recommend keeping all corn snakes in wooden vivariums. This is because they are better insulated than glass or plastic vivariums. For hatchlings, it is ideal to house them in 60cm long vivariums, whereas adult corn snakes require 90cm long vivariums.


Young corn snakes need to be fed one defrosted mouse per week. As they mature, they can be fed larger mice every two weeks. Ensure that the mice are defrosted in a refrigerator overnight so they can reach room temperature.


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