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Royal Python Set Up – Medium

£290.94 £241.49

VivExotic Repti-Home Vivarium - Maxi Medium

Repti-Home Maxi vivariums offer great value living space for your reptile

MicroClimate EVO Lite - Black

Say Hello to the Microclimate EVOs Little Brother. Presenting the EVO Lite its an EVO only smaller, no more separate screen and processor it all fits in to a box the size of a B1 dimmer stat. The EVO lite is a fully customisable, touch screen, single channel, colourful version of its big brother.


ProRep Ceramic Heat Emitter 100w

The Pro Rep Ceramic Heater has been developed specifically for use with reptiles and amphibians, by providing long wave infra-red energy. Because no light is emitted the ceramic heat emitter can be used to heat an environment during the night or as additional heating during the day. Suitable for all species of reptiles or amphibians.


ProRep Ceramic Lamp Holder WITH Bracket

The ProRep Ceramic Lamp Holder has been designed to withstand high temperatures experienced when using ceramic heaters and heat lamps. Included is a fixing bracket and screws for securing the holder to the ceiling of a vivarium. Manufactured to EU safety standards and fitted with a 2 metre high temperature rated silicone cable the Pro Rep Ceramic Lamp Holder is compatible with all lamps and heaters with an E27 lamp fitting rated up to 300w.

£19.99 £15.19

ProRep Heater Guard Standard Rectangular

Heater Guards for spot lamps or small ceramic heaters to protect animals from burning themselves. Simple, lightweight but strong powder coated steel design that allows maximum light penetration.

£12.99 £10.39

Lucky Reptile Thermometer Deluxe, LTH-31

This electronic thermometer has two external sensors which allows measuring the temperature in two different spots.

£9.99 £7.94

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Weight35 kg

VivExotic Repti-Home Vivarium - Maxi Medium

Weight24.3 kg

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MicroClimate EVO Lite - Black

Weight.650 kg

ProRep Ceramic Heat Emitter 100w

Weight0.20 kg

Lucky Reptile Thermometer Deluxe, LTH-31

Weight0.055 kg


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