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Royal Python – Python regius


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Royal Pythons are one of the most popular pet species in the UK this is because of their lovely temperament and they are very easy to keep. They are beautifully marked and are now being bred in many different colours and patterns. Royal Pythons are sometimes referred to as Ball Pythons when they are scared they will roll into a ball with their head well protected in between its coils. They grow to around 1.2m long and are a heavily built snake, with a very gentle nature.


For Pythons, we recommend a wooden vivarium as they are better insulated than glass or plastic accommodation. For young snakes, we recommend a 36-inch vivarium, then upgrading to a 48-inch vivarium one they reach adulthood.


You will need to provide your snake with fresh water each day. The bowl also needs to big enough for the snake to submerge in it, this will also help with shedding.

Dietary requirements

A defrosted mouse or rat should be fed weekly for young snakes. Once they reach adulthood, you can feed snakes on a fortnightly basis. Food should be no bigger than the largest part of the snake. In terms of feeding techniques, you can either leave the food near the snake and leave it to feed itself or you can present the food using tongs or tweezers. Pythons will often strike quickly then constrict their prey.


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