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Red Eyed Tree Frogs – Agalychnis callidryas


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Red eyed tree frogs are native to rainforests in Mexico, Central America, and Colombia..

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Red eyed tree frogs are native to rainforests in Mexico, Central America, and Colombia.

The species is named from it’s distinctive red eyes, along with it’s vibrant green body.

How should I keep my Red Eyed Tree Frog?

You should keep you red eyed tree frogs in a glass terrarium. The glass on these enclosures allow heat to escape allowing it to maintain a cool temperature.

A suitable sizeterrarium is needed in order to cater for your red eyed tree frog’s growth and enough height for them to climb. Your frog will need a constant air temperature of around 75oF. This can be achieved through heatmats. It’s important that a thermostat is always used in order to control the temperature to provide the perfect habitat for your tree frog.

Red eyed tree frogs need enough UV to replicate their natural habitats with plenty of cover which can be achieved using a canopy.

The red eyed tree frog like to climb around their habitat, and as such the terrarium should include various decorations to allow them to do this including branches and vines, and artificial plants.

Red Eyed Tree Frog diet

Red eyed tree frogs survive on a diet consisting of insects including eating crickets, flies, and other insects.


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