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Mojave Royal Python – Python regius


Royal Python’s are an excellent household pet for those who are first-time or experienced owners. What makes Royal Pythons so popular is there calm temperament, low-maintenance requirements and unique skin patterns.

We have Mojave Royal Python’s available in-store. Visit us or call on 01865 372200 for more information.

Animals cannot be purchased online. Please call or visit our store.


The Mojave Royal Python is unique due to their co-dominant mutation. There are also easier to recognise than normal pythons because of their intense skin patterns.


We recommend that all Pythons should be kept in wooden vivariums as they are better insulated than plastic or glass ones. For hatchlings, we recommend a 36-inch long vivarium, then upgrading to a 48-inch vivarium once they reach adulthood.


One defrosted mouse or rat should be fed to hatchlings on a weekly basis. When the Python has matured, you can then start feeding it fortnightly instead. Any food given to your Python should be no bigger than the largest part of the body.


Enclosures should be cleaned regularly, removing any waste as soon as possible. Replace water every week and ensure the bowl is big enough for the Python to get in and out of. This will help with shedding.


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