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Hypomelanistic Corn Snake – Pantherophis guttatus guttatus


All of our Hypomelanistic Corn Snakes are bred in our shop in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

Corn Snakes are one of the most popular pet reptile species in the UK, known for having lovely natures, are easy to handle and very easy to keep.

To find out if we have any Hypomelanistic Corn Snakes in our shop, call us on 01865 372200 or contact us online.

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The Hypomelanistic Corn Snake (Pantherophis guttatus guttatus) is a very light snake with a light background and dark red marks.

Where is the Hypomelanistic Corn Snake from?

The Hypomelanistic corn snake is a species mainly found in North America that kills its small prey by constriction.

Why do these snakes make the perfect pet?

Their gentle nature, moderate fully grown size, low likelihood to bite and pattern, as well as simple care needs, mean that they are relatively easy to keep as a pet.

Hypomelanistic Corn Snake diet

Young hypomelanistic corn snake should initially be fed pink mice, and move to adult mice as they grow bigger. Larger corn snakes may be able to eat smaller rodents such as gerbils, hamsters and young rats. It is important to not feed live rodents to your corn snake, as a bite may injure your snake.


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