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Fire Salamander – Salamandra salamandra gallaica


All of our fire salamanders are available in our shop in Kidlington, Oxfordshire. Only available in store – we do not courier animals.

The fire salamander is a popular species of salamander, with black colouring featuring yellow spots.

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The fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra gallaica) are one of the largest salamanders within the species and can have a very long lifespan if looked after correctly.

Fire salamander habitat

In the wild, fire salamanders is found throughout central Europe is forest environments. This varied environment is ideal for the fire salamander who naturally hides amongst the fallen leaves and thick forestation.

Keeping your pet fire salamander in a glass terrarium would be preferred as their enclosure. The glass of the fire salamander setup benefits from letting heat escape and maintaining a cool enough temperature as they rely heavily on their environment to regulate their temperature.

The fire salamander’s habitat should grow with your salamander. As the fire salamander can grow to 5 to 12 inches in length, having a terrarium that is big enough is essential.

A damp substrate would be beneficial to help retain humidity levels. As fire salamanders are aquatic, an area where they can fully submerge themselves can be included in the habitat. Raised areas can be created in order to allow your salamander to rest from swimming.

It’s important that the air temperature of the fire salamander’s enclosure is kept consistently at 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat mats can be used on one side of the terrarium to maintain the temperature but it is essential to use a thermostat to ensure the air temperature is remaining consistent. This creates a good temperature gradient with a cool and warm end, for the salamander to be able to regulate its body temperature.

What do fire salamanders eat?

Fire salamanders diet is usually made up of livefoods. Your salamander will take crickets such as black or brown crickets, or in some cases locusts.


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