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Fire Bellied Toads – Bombina orientalis


Fire Bellied Toads are extremely interesting animals. They are known for their vibrant green and black colouration on the back of their bodies, and intense orange and black colours on their stomachs.

They are excellent creatures to keep as their easy to care for, small in size (around 2 inches) and can live to around 10-15 years. Perfect for first-time owners!

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The bigger the enclosure the better. We recommend a glass terrarium with lots of plants and decor. Like most amphibians, our Fire Bellied Toads like a lot of cover, so ensure you provide plenty of options for your pet. The more cover you provide the more likely it is that they will sit out in full view.


As with most of our amphibians, they will eat pretty much anything you feed them. As a guide, we recommend providing plenty of options when feeding, including crickets, wax worms, fruit flies and other small insects. Ensure that you dust any food with calcium or multivitamin powder.


Due to their natural habitats, most of our frog or toad species like high humidity but also require adequate ventilation. We suggest using a screen topped enclosure to mirror these conditions, this is where glass terrariums are useful as they provide good ventilation.


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