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Dyeing Poison Dart Frogs- Dendrobates tinctorius (Cobalt)


Known for their vibrant colours and patterns, originating in large rainforests in South America, our Dyeing Poison Dart Frogs are excellent household pets for first-time and experienced pet owners. In terms of life expectancy, don’t be fooled by their size, Poison Dart frogs have been known to live upwards of a decade!

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Because of their original habitats, we recommend purchasing a glass terrarium as Poison Dart frogs are used to living in rain forest environments, so make sure you fill the enclosure with plenty of plants and decor. They are extremely active and enjoy climbing, so ensure to have tall decor for them to do so. Water features are also good to add to the enclosure.

Dietary needs

Like with most of our amphibians, they will eat anything that fits inside them. We recommend offering frogs a range of different foods, including crickets, wax worms, locusts and calci worms. All foods should be dusted with a calcium or multivitamin powder.


Overall, Poison Dart frogs take very little maintenance. Just be sure to clean your enclosure regularly as it can get built up with algae quite quickly. Ensure that plants and decor are taken out of the enclosure when cleaning it, cleaning the decor regularly is also recommended.


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