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Brown Basilisk – Basiliscus vittatus


All of our Brown Basilisks are based in our shop in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

Brown Basilisks make great pets for the intermediate level reptile enthusiast.

To find out if we have any in our shop, call us on 01865 372200 or contact us online.

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A fast moving reptile, the Brown Basilisk uses speed to attack and surprise its prey. It has large feet that use flaps of skin between its toes allowing it to move very quickly across water making them seem like they are able to walk on water.

Where is the Brown Basilisk from?

The Brown Basilisk is a native species to Mexico and Central America having recently been introduced to the wild in Florida.

How should I keep my Brown Basilisk?

In its natural habitat, the Brown basilisk lives across a range of terrain.

Brown Basilisks need a good amount of space so they have room to move around, larger a wooden vivarium should suit your basilisk’s needs.

During the day, brown basilisks require a lighting in order to achieve a very hot basking temperature and a high level of UV to replicate their natural habitat. This should be monitored using a UV meter.

Brown basilisks are a pet that prefers to be observed instead of heavily handled but will allow some handling after it settles into a routine.

Brown Basilisk Diet

Brown basilisks primarily eat insects, often eating insects that live around water in its habitat.


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