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Bredls Python – Morelia bredli


A beautiful carpet python originating from central Australia. They’re especially unique due to their range of skin colours and patterns. Similar to many of our available pythons, the Bredl’s python is extremely kind-natured, docile and they are reluctant to bite, making them ideal as household pets.

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Be sure to acquire large wooden vivariums as they can reach to around 7-8 feet in size. Wooden vivariums are particularly necessary due to their ability to stay insulated. We would typically recommend a standard size vivarium of 36 inches long for hatchlings, then upgrading to 48 inches when the python matures.

Food & Water

Pythons can happily feed off mice and rats for the entirety of their captivity. For hatchlings we recommend feeding one defrosted mouse every week and every two weeks for adults. Ensure that the mouse is no bigger than the largest part of the snake’s body and to defrost mice overnight in the fridge. Provide fresh water on a daily basis and ensured that the bowl is cleaned thoroughly and is large enough for the snake to climb in and out of.


Ensure that you clean your python’s enclosure regularly, removing waste as soon as possible. Decor should be taken out and cleaned with reptile safe disinfectant every month, more if necessary. Be sure to spot clean the vivarium on a weekly basis with reptile safe disinfectant.


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