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Biopod – EDEN


Biopod is an app controlled ecosystem that replicates real environments. Biopod regulates temperature, light, humidity, ventilation and rainfall.

The Eden is the smallest of the Biopod range at (LxWxH) 47.37 x 31.75 x 35.56 cm

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Biopod is an app controlled ecosystem that replicates real environments. Biopod regulates temperature, light, humidity, ventilation and rainfall.

Eden Dimensions (LxWxH) 47.37 x 31.75 x 35.56 cm. Volume 56.78 ltrs – 15 gal.



Biopod App 

The simplest way to control your microhabitat. The intuitive app allows you to create the ideal environments based on the species of animal or plant you choose to grow. Simply select the species in the app and Biopod will automatically adapt to the ideal natural habitat. Custom mode allows you to control your setting manually.


Integrated Misting 

Replicates the unique rainfall cycles of natural habitats. The 2 litre reservoir allows for hands-free watering and hydration of your Biopod microhabitat.



Biopur Air Injection

Our patented Biopur Air Injection system combines aeroponics with advanced substrate and ventilation technology, perfectly balancing oxygen and carbon dioxide while maintaining life sustaining equilibrium. This system also keeps the substrate pristine and fresh while closely replicating natural air patterns that occur in real habitats.


Advanced Lighting with Adjustable UVA/UVB + Infrared

The industry’s leading LED light panel closely replicates the sun’s natural output, with high PAR value for plant growth and auto dimming sunrise and sunset. Variable intensity UVA/UVB and IR output can replicate everything from a rainforest to a desert habitat directly through the app, providing ideal levels of Vitamin D3 synthesis and basking.


Integrated living Wall

Aside from its beauty and versatility, the living wall works as an automated biodynamic filter – without the need for substrate replacement. The system creates a harmony of plants and nature, perfectly balancing the environment by actively recirculating and refreshing the water within the system.


Integrated Heating

Individual heaters regulate the temperature. The unique design also keeps the glass and surface clear from moisture buildup for optimal viewing and specially shielded to emit no Electromagnetic radiation.


Advanced Sensory Feedback

Integrates sensors continuously monitor and regulate temperature and ventilation. This provides optimal climate conditions for your Biopod.


Biopod Cloud + WiFi

The Biopod cloud analyses your input settings to create the ideal environment for your plants or animals. Our species parameters combine information gathered from more than 50 years of historical and biological data to replicate the perfect ecosystem.


HD Camera

The integrated HD Camera offers streaming live viewing, sharing the remote monitoring of your Biopod from anywhere in the world through the Biopod mobile app.


Superior Materials

Biopod’s clean lines are complemented by our commitment to quality materials – from the Ultra Clear glass tank, Aluminium Frame to the high-tech controls. The system is designed to automatically regulate the pristine environment and requires very low maintenance giving you the ultimate user friendly experience

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