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Pete Milligan – Owner

I have been interested in reptiles as long as I can remember and have kept many species over the years from Garter Snakes to Plumed Basilisk. Now I keep and breed Woma Pythons, my favourite snakes (can’t explain why). If I had the time and space I would love to keep Aldabra Giant Tortoises.

I have travelled to many places to see reptiles in the wild including Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka to name a few.

I have worked in the reptile business since I left school in 1996 (with just a short break to go travelling). In 2007 I took the opportunity to set up Evolution Reptiles online shop, with the goal of opening my own shop. I opened my Oxford shop in October 2010 and moved to the shop Kidlington in 2015.

I am a very keen road cyclist, riding whenever I have some spare time (very rare these days). I have competed in many road and mountain bike races in the past and hope to again soon.

I now have a great team around me, who to be honest do most of the work!

My aim is improve the standard of welfare for the reptiles that we keep as pets.

Andy Slaymaker

I’ve always loved reptiles, but they’re one of the few pets I never kept as a child – I had to wait until I got my own house!

I’ve kept a lot of the usual small pets; gerbils, rats, mice, rabbits, ferrets, and tropical fish as well as cats and dogs. Working as a veterinary nurse for six years gave me an enormous amount of experience caring for these creatures, as well a desire to help people learn to care for their pets.

After working for another reptile specialist for five years I joined the Evolution team in August 2012, and will hopefully be here for quite some time yet! We want to give the best information to our customers so that their animals can live long and happy lives, and they can enjoy keeping them without worry. We’re always available to advise and help; there’s always something new to learn, and just talking about the various different ways of doing things can spark new ideas that improve the quality of life for all our pets.

When I’m not at work I can usually be found looking after my own reptile collection, creating my wildlife garden, chasing the chickens out of the vegetable patch, or training my dog. I love going to heavy metal gigs, although these days I’m far too busy to go to as many as I used to!

Dee Costar

I joined the Evolution team in early march 2013. I have always been a huge animal lover, and particularly a big fan of reptiles. From a very young age I have always wanted a lizard, so when I turned 18 I went to buy my first bearded dragon, who I quickly became very fond of. It wasn’t long before I was hooked! Bearded dragons make fantastic pets for anyone looking for something different; they are very bold, outgoing energetic, cheeky and make lovely companions.

Working at Evolution has given me the opportunity to always be learning new things about the animals I am passionate about. I love learning about the husbandry of  different species of reptile and sharing this with customers.

Here at Evolution Reptiles we aim to supply the most up to date information to help people care for their reptiles in the best possible way, so their pets can live a long and healthy life. I own a small collection of reptiles myself including bearded dragons, uromastyx, a thayer’s king snake and also some amphibians which are marbled newts and fire salamanders. They are the only reptiles I own (at the moment!).

My favourite species have to be my ornate uromastyx, their unique look, enthusiasm, outgoing and friendly personality had me intrigued about the species as soon as I joined the Evolution team. I hope to one day breed my uromastyx, as I think they are an extremely underrated species, but being difficult to sex, slow growing and not easily paired, it will be tricky to get successful results. One day, fingers crossed!

Owen Thomas

    I’ve been an invertebrate lover since childhood and more recently discovered the enjoyment of keeping an array of reptiles and amphibians, the latter of which have become my real passion. Tree frogs especially take up most of the space in my animal room and can be heard calling all through the night.

I started working at Evolution in early 2016 and have been expanding and improving my knowledge of exotics ever since. As well as working for Pete, in September I am starting a degree in Animal Biology and Conservation in Oxford.

 Alongside amphibians, tarantulas and arachnids as a whole I find incredibly fun, particularly when I am able to introduce them to customers and show that they aren’t as scary or dangerous as most would have thought.

 Aside from reptiles, my interests lie in Metal music, (listening to and playing), or  improving my language skills. I am currently learning German, (which is going surprisingly well), but I hope to also learn Spanish for travelling to Central and South America and also Afrikaans just because I think it sounds cool.