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Do it well or not at all – RANT WARNING

When it comes to keeping a pet – of any sort –  we need to do our best to ensure that they have a comfortable life.

Reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates have very specific needs for lighting, temperature and  humidity and taking a shortcut or misunderstanding the importance of one element WILL have a huge effect on the animal (your pet!).

Here are a few issues we encounter

UV lighting for nocturnal geckos (leopard, crested, gargoyle, fat tailed etc).

It is nocturnal, it doesn’t need UV.  

It will benefit massively if you provide UV lighting. It will help them absorb calcium more efficiently, improves well being (we spend thousand of £’s on a weeks holiday for a little sun!). There is a lot of research that supports the use of UV lighting and the arguments against are based on old techniques and outdated ideas.

Using a UV light will greatly reduce the risk of metabolic bone disease  – not sure what that is? Google it  (gecko metabolic bone disease) – you will be horrified – not for the faint hearted. This condition is completely avoidable. Read our blog UV lighting for nocturnal geckos, snakes and amphibians.

It costs from around 13p per day to provide uv lighting (cost of lamp plus estimated energy costs divided by number of days (365)).

So why wouldn’t you provide UV lighting? – Scroll down to comment.

I don’t need to replace the UV light it is still lighting up.

You CANNOT see UVB so don’t assume that because the lamp lights up that it is providing UV.  

Remember to replace your UV lamps regularly – between every 6 months to 12 months. (depending on type and brand) – if in doubt we have a UV meter in store.

Imagine the skin of your lizard or the shell of your tortoise is a solar panel and they rely on the sun for energy

Links on UV lighting for nocturnal geckos 

Remember UVB lights are not all created equally – there are some great brands and some very dangerous ones on the market.  We only stock brands that we trust and have tested –

It is the welfare of YOUR PET that you are risking.

And don’t forget if the temperature is wrong – your pet will still be suffering even if you do have UV lighting.

I have never been able to accurately tell the temperature with my hands and have never met anyone who can. So why do so many people not have a thermometer?

If the temperature is too high you can kill your pet very quickly, if it is too cool they cannot digest their food effectively and their immunity is affected.

If you don’t know what temperature you need to provide is – ASK or look it it up (from a respected source).

My pet gets all the love it needs

That’s great, but love does not help the temperature, lighting, the environment and ultimately the welfare.

I have kept it for years like this and if I make a change it will do more harm than good.

It is never too late to make an improvement. Remember that taking no action is a decision too. Make the right decision and put the animals welfare first – not ridiculous excuses.

When you took your pet on you took on the responsibility to provide the environment that it needs and if you fail YOUR PET WILL SUFFER.

It is not about love or buying a pet on a whim – it is all about providing the environment that your pet needs.

There is so much information available these days THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR BAD HUSBANDRY

Here is a link to the RSPCA’s Five Freedoms 

I have not even mentioned diet, humidity, over handling etc….

There is no shame in asking for help, reptile husbandry is a complicated subject.


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