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Do Bearded Dragons…..?


I have trawled google for questions that people ask about bearded dragons and have answered them below.


Do Bearded Dragons bite?

No –  bearded dragons are really confident but any scared or stressed animal can bite.


Do Bearded Dragons smell?

No, but their poo does!


Do Bearded Dragons shed?

Yes, they shed their skin as they grow.


Do Bearded Dragons like being stroked?

They do seem to enjoy it!


Do Bearded Dragons hibernate?

They brumate, which is like a very light hibernation. They go quiet and don’t want to feed, although they will take a very small amount of food occasionally.


Do Bearded Dragons poop?



Do Bearded Dragons need water?



Do Bearded Dragons change colour?

Yes. When they are hot the colours are often brighter, and they can make their chin go black when they are angry.


Do Bearded Dragons have to eat insects?

Yes, they have spent millions of years evolving to live on a diet that includes insects, although they do need to eat greenery as well.


Do Bearded Dragons have ears?



Do Bearded Dragons have teeth?



Do Bearded Dragons have good hearing?



Do Bearded Dragons have scales?

Yes – except for silkbacks, which have been bred to have no scales.  


Do Bearded Dragons need UV light?

Yes – it is absolutely vital, as they cannot metabolise calcium properly without it.


Do Bearded Dragons need their nails cut?

Yes – we can do that for you in our shop – Click here for more info – fee applies


Do Bearded Dragons need a heat mat?

They need heating – heatmats can be used but basking lights and a ceramic heater would be better.


Do Bearded Dragons need company?

They seem to do better on their own – when 2 live together one will typically have a significantly shorter life span.


Can Bearded Dragons eat spinach?

Best avoided – high levels of oxalic acid will bind calcium (a bad thing to happen).


Can Bearded Dragons swim?



Can Bearded Dragons eat peppers?

Yes, as part of a varied diet.


Can Bearded Dragons eat spiders?



Are Bearded Dragons good pets for a 10 year old?

If the parent is using the 10 year old as the excuse to buy a bearded dragon for themselves!


Are Bearded Dragons aggressive?



Are Bearded Dragons friendly?

Yes – they are very friendly to us.


Are Bearded Dragons nocturnal ?

No, they are diurnal (active during the day).


Are Bearded Dragons poisonous?

No, and they are not venomous either!


Are Bearded Dragons social?

Not really. They need a lot of space to form their own territory – not possible in a vivarium.
Why is my Bearded Dragon being sick?

Don’t know – take it to the vet.


Why is my Bearded Dragon lethargic?

Could be ill, cold or brumating – seek advice


Why is my Bearded Dragon digging?

It could be looking for a nest site to lay some eggs (they sometimes lay eggs without being mated). Put a nesting box in the vivarium, and seek advice. 


Why is my Bearded Dragon not growing?

It could be cold, need more food or be ill – seek advice.
Where can I board my Bearded Dragon?

We would love to look after your beardie while you are on holiday. Click here for more information.


Where can I buy Bearded Dragon food?

We sell a great range of dry and livefoods online and in store. You can even set up a livefood subscription!
Do you have any questions about Bearded Dragons? Please feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

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