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Do Bearded Dragons Make Good Pets?

Bearded dragons make great pets; they have a lot of character and will learn how to get the best out of you. Demanding that you give them attention (and food) almost every time you pass their vivarium.
This has made them a very popular choice, appealing to people from all walks of life. When I first came across them, some 14 years ago they out shone all the other lizards I had worked with within a few days. They didn’t try and hide from me or try and scare me away. They wanted to see what I was doing.
They were fairly rare in the UK in those days and were fetching a lot of money compared to more common species. This was because there wasn’t any being imported from the wild, which was a good thing.

While I was traveling in Australia I was lucky enough to see a few species of Bearded Dragons, some while looking for them and sometimes while speeding along in a bus (well I think I saw them, its hard to tell for sure at 60mph!). It was great to see them in there natural enviroment.

Within a couple of years the numbers in the UK had increased and they became more affordable. Also more was learnt about their requirements and the importance of UV lighting, which made a big difference to their health and longevity.
It may be more expensive to set up a vivarium for Bearded Dragon than say a Leopard Gecko, but they are definitely worth it. Don’t get me wrong I really like leopard geckos too; they just aren’t as outgoing.
So would I recommend a Bearded Dragon to a new reptile keeper?
Quite simply YES!

Need more info on how to care for Bearded Dragons?

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