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Caring for hatchling snakes

Hatchling snakes can be very delicate and sensitive to changes in their environment. It is very important to know the temperatures required by the species you are keeping. To cold and they won’t want to eat as they need to be at the correct temperatures to digest their food. To hot and they will stress and become ill. A temperature gradient is important as they need to be able to move from warm to cool areas to control their body temperature.
Many species find large areas stressful and it can put them off their food if there isn’t enough shelter. Most species will be happier in smaller vivariums, but there are a few in my opinion that are better in larger vivariums, such as Indigo snakes and Womas, both of these are active and confident species.
Shelter is very important for the snake to retreat to if they feel threatened or scared by something, they should have a few options, some large, some small and hides in the warmest and coolest areas as well as in the middle.
When you purchase your snake it should be feeding enthusiastically and be fairly confident, settling in to the new vivarium within a few days. Sometime the change in environment can upset them, so it is important to give them time to settle.
Make sure you are providing what your snakes need, any doubts contact us.

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