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Thank you for booking boarding for your pet

Please print this form below, complete and bring it in with you when your drop your pet to stay with us.

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Your name:


Post code:

Phone number:

Holiday contact name:

Holiday contact number:


Animal name:

Behaviour/feeding notes

Insurance details

Arrival date                                                         Collection date

Do you have a livefood subscription with us?

Terms and Conditions

  • Deposits are non refundable
  • No refunds for early collection
  • Animals must be in good health and parasite free
  • We reserve the right to refuse an animal that is showing signs of disease, injury, illness or pregnancy, or carrying parasites.
  • If an animal requires veterinary treatment while under our care you (the owner) are liable for the costs plus time and travel expenses.
  • Animal must be collected on the agreed date.
  • If you fail to collect the animal within 14 days of the agreed date and are un-contactable the animal will become the property of Evolution Reptiles and will be rehomed.

I have read and understand the terms and conditions

Signed                                                                               Date


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