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Asking the right questions

As you know there are loads of opinions about how to care for reptiles.  There is a real skill to filtering out the bad advice to leave only the good advice.

Reptile husbandry is improving all of the time but is being held back by one question.

Does my animal NEED it?

I interpret this as ‘I don’t want to provide….’

They absolutely need certain things like water and food, but there are other things that aren’t so clear cut. Things that may make the difference between surviving and thriving.

Surviving is not enough – aim for THRIVING.

It comes down to a few simple questions.

  1. Will my animal benefit?
  2. What happens in the wild?
  3. What happens if it is wrong?

Will my animal benefit?

Will my animal benefit from more space, UV light, different temperatures for day and night, winter and summer, more climbing areas, more hides, etc…

What happens in the wild?

Is the animal able to bask in the sun, does it climb, does it burrow, what does it eat, does it live in a group, etc…

What happens if it is wrong?

  1. What can go wrong if I don’t provide UV lighting, if it only eats one food type, if it over heats, etc….

What was your last question?


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