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Looking for trouble – How to recognise a sick reptile

30th April 2016/Animal advice/5 min. read

We are often asked – by both new keepers and old hands alike – how…

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Translucent Citrus Red Bearded Dragon for sale
North African Uromastyx - Uromastyx acanthinura nigriventris

Why I love uromastyx

23rd April 2016/Animal advice/2 min. read

North African Uromastyx – Uromastyx acanthinurus nigriventris £389.99 View Uromastyx are great lizards that have…

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Best Small Business Award 2015

15th April 2016/Business

Today myself (Pete) and Hector the chameleon received a certificate for being the runner up (by…

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Nicola Blackwood - Small business Award 2015
Male Ambilobe Panther Chameleon for sale at Evolution Reptile

Do chameleons make good pets?

6th April 2016/Animal advice/2 min. read

Chameleons - do they make good pets? Chameleons do have a reputation for being difficult…

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